Monday, September 15, 2008

The "jewel" is now a gem!

Praise the Lord! Isaiah is doing great & was such a trooper today ... he hung in there until they finally took him back for surgery at 2 pm - that's 14 hours without food! He hardly ever fussed unless he saw me (I believe all he saw was a giant milk bottle at that point) so Drake kept shooing me out of the room. Of course he charmed all the nurses with his sweet smile & hand clapping. There had been a mix up somewhere in the scheduling so they didn't have us on schedule in the operating room thus we got bumped to the last case of the day. But the bottom line is his little "jewel" is now all fixed up & something to be proud of :) It's kind of swollen & doesn't look pretty quite yet but that's OK because he'd better be keeping that thing tucked in his pants until his wedding night (which I've told him won't be until he's at least 30!)
Thank you for your prayers & we give all the glory to God.


Shireen said...

Way to go, buddy!! Gosh, that would've been hard for anyone to have to wait that long to be able to eat and then have to undergo that procedure!!! Yay, Isaiah!!

Heal well!! I've prayed for your recovery!!

Heidi, Drake, Great job as parents having to watch your babe go through this! Ugh! That would be a heart breaker!

Heidi, I LOVE the comment that he must be 30 before marriage! :) Ha!!!!

Poodle said...

I'm proud of all 3 of you for how you handled the whole day. But I would love the chance to be a Great - grandmom, so Isaiah will have to get married before he's 30 - sorry Heidi. Take care of my little buddy-boy and his "gem".

Dave and Carrie Tyson said...

Poor little fella! :) That makes me laugh and pout at the same time. You better tell him again he better keep it in his pants until his wedding night 'cause Dave will be there to ring his neck too! :) j/k...kinda.
Praying for a quick recovery.
Love you guys! Miss you too! See you in December.